Concerning fixed or moving images (videos):
The film-based and digital collection includes a great number of works; however, only 4 or 5 series are presented on this site.
The following non exhaustive list includes the main existing series with brief indications about the current concept used for this medium.
( videos deal with the following themes: “light effects”, and “movement”, as well as other projects in progress ...).
The Themes
Among the most representative themes of the artist’s reseach are:
- “The double image”; the”in-between”... “towards the fantastic, the unusual”...(various themes; Ex “revisited ARCHITECTURES” ; “CRANES”; Nature and landscapes”; “characters”; “animals”; etc.).
This is current Jordi’s perspective in most of his exhibitions ( see Art critic Bernard Teulon-Nouailles’ comment ).
- Constructions...and revisited architectures
Particularly “cranes” and the will to build...,with building sites in progress.
An essentially graphic series with varied treatment: from the “simple” image to the more “complex” one. And above all contemporary architecture.
- Nature and the protection of the Environment. ( vegetals, minerals,animals,) sustainable development.The Elements and their energy...For images of the “LANDSCAPE” type, and often, “Mutant landscapes”.
- Yin and Yang and the “SHADOW theatre”, with the use of special centring for “street life stories” ( souls, itineraries...).
-BEACHES...and ‘beach stories”... (special centring and “positive/negative” series).
- BRIDGES and RIVERS, as well as transportation in general.
- BLACK and WHITE...particularly with the “night traffic” series, in the big cities.
-ANIMALS, particularly dogs (mirrors of man and of his psychological and symbolical complexes).
- “Les SALINS du MIDI” (salt marshes in the South of France).
( various treatments, from the “simple” image to a more sophisticated one, an essentially aesthetic research.
- MEMORY ( particularly the Spanish Civil War 1936/39).
- The Exile and migration issues, and / or are related to the history of immigration.
- The Holy Week (and religious ceremonies in general).
- SOCIAL problems as a whole.
- Graffiti.
- Cities: New York, Venice, Berlin, Tokyo, Bejin, Shanghai, Hong-Kong, Barcelona, London, Paris...
- Journey diaries: Mexico - Guatemala - Brazil - Argentine - Japan - Chine - California - Morocco, and most European countries.
- The “JORDI FORM” [ A registered “Form” as signature ].
In this series, the “Form” is used as a “picto-lens” and/or a “masking-grid” (sometimes distorded) for the creation of images in which the “Form” becomes the lens, and the lens is the “Form”, all themes merged.
- Humour, the play aspect and the derision of situations.

Current research:
“... In my recent work I increasigly play with images that I create and manipulate trying to use the ambiguity of reality to build new universes.
These “in-betweens” look dreamlike, fantastic, sometimes surrealist or totally abstract.
Between reality and its demolition, those “Revisited Architectures” or “Mutant landscapes” question the imagination of the watcher ...”
A digital equivalent of lithography, digigraphy thanks to an innovative process, provides high quality works, the durability of which can be guaranted for several generations.
Publications FROM 2000 to 2017  selection (bibliography ; texts in exhibitions catalogues ; press articles, etc.):
- " Ecce Terra, etc. " - Bernard Teulon-Nouailles -Critique d’Art (AICA)- 2017
- '' Sous le signe ...'' - Jean-Marie Gavalda - Journal Midi LIbre - 2017 -
- "Jordi ou l'énergie de la nature" - Virginie Moreau - journal l'Hérault Juridique - 2017
- "Avec Jordi, il suffira d'un signe" - Jérémy Bernède - journal Midi Libre - 2017
- "Jordi, l'agrisculpteur" - Julien Darve - 2017
- "Jordi, voilà la Terre " - Jean-Luc Amand Fournier -2016-
in Dossier de Presse - exposition personnelle à Montpellier en 2017
- "Devoir de  Mémoire"- Bernard Teulon-Nouailles - Critique d’Art (AICA)- 2014 -
- " La beauté axiale " - Christian Skimao – Critique d’Art (AICA)- 2014 -
présentation des expositions de photographies « Nature-plastique ».
- « Empreinte(s)» - Jean-François Pascal - in Dossier de Presse -
exposition personnelle à Marseille en 2013
- « Au fond la Forme… » - Skimao -  in exhibition catalogue Béziers 2010 -Télécharger le texte
- « La Photographie du Double selon Jordi » - BTN - 2009
    Bernard Teulon-Nouailles - in ‘’présentation expo photo’’Arles 2009
- « Signes de Terre » - Nicole Riche - Conservateur du Patrimoine et Directeur des musées de Béziers - in exhibition catalogue Béziers 2010
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- « Jordi » -Viviane Eeman - in magazine design « VILLAS » N°72
(Belgique) 2006
- « Jordi poursuit la quête de la Nature hors du Temps » - Lise Ott - journal Midi Libre 2004
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- « Jordi inscrit son art dans la culture du territoire » - Lise Ott - journal Midi Libre 2003
- « Sous le Signe » - Gilles Greck -2002- in catalogue exposition Château d’O. Montpellier 2002
- « Jordi sur ses terres » - Lise Ott - journal Midi Libre 2001
- « Les Pictos de Jordi » - Martin – 2000 - in catalogue exposition Fondation Vasarely. Aix-en-Provence 2001 (et journal La Provence).
- « L’empreinte de la Terre » - Anne Bousquet -2000- in catalogue exposition Narbonne 2000
- « Signes de l’écriture chez Jordi » - BTN - 1999, in présentation expo Arles 2000 …
- autres articles de presse: «Jordi et Goya» – juin 2010 – journal l’Indépendant. Magazine «Connaissance des Arts» juin 2010. Magazine «COTE» Marseille (2004 et 2010), Magazine Hérault Juridique et Economique - juillet 2010. Magazine « Parcours des Arts » juin/juillet/août 2010…

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Whatever artwork is purchased (and original or one of a limited edition) and wherever it is purchased, the buyer may ask for a certificate of authenticity specifying the characteristics of the work and, particularly if it is a limited edition, mentioning the number in the series and the number of copies.

Any user of this website acknowledges that all the works presented are protected by the regulations of the “Code of intellectual property” concerning intellectual works. Moreover the visitor to this site accepts that Jordi’s “FORM” was internationally registered several years ago...
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