PresentationJORDI ( JORDI JORDA ) Plastic artist JORDI was originally a "figurative" painter, later becoming an "abstract" painter while at the same time working in film-based photography. Afterwards, and for about twenty five years, the evolution of his research led him to the creation of an artistic pattern of universal character. It is a “form”, a kind of archetype consisting of two straight lines and two curved ones symmetrically identical. With this “form”, JORDI has highlighted the "primordial artwork" and the concept of singularity but also of multiplicity, as a pictographic or a musical form of writing. This unique language ( except for photography, which has retained its own identity) has progressively become his trademark. During his childhood, this artist developed a great curiosity for the things of Nature...So it is not by mere chance that we can find in his work, (besides his treatment of light,and the presence of transparency and translucency), such themes as the “four elements” (sky/air, earth, water, and fire), Nature in general and biodiversity, the protection of the Environment, as well as the question of Time. Reflexion about opposites often in reference to “ Yin-Yang ” completes this omnipresent “Art and Nature” aspect of the artist’s research, to which geometry contributes its rigour. These unifying threads are recurrent in the development of his artistic work. A single, authentic “form” and also a veritable “visual tool” when dealing with diversity, this pictograph is presented in 2 and 3 D, and keeps its own specificity in different mediums: works on paper, paintings, sculptures/installations, photographs/videos and design. A single“form” and several techniques functioning as a “trademark” which allows a transverse approach in his artistic ptractices is a concept particularly dear to the artist, who wants it to be all-embracing and radical. This language is immediately identified, but like every living language it evolves, constantly following new pathways. Either with a particular concept of plastic photographies, or , of course, using his recurring "form"/his trademark with other media, it is with passionate but calm commitment that JORDI pursues his remarkable journey with a strongly conceptual form of art that is mostly "accessible", and is at times humorous and playful.
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